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Bo brings Max the box from Trent but Max claims he doesn't want it. Philip stuns Melanie with the news that he wants her to start work today.

Stephanie interrupts and is amazed he hired Melanie.

Later, Melanie updates Max on her new job and the huge task of learning everything on the drive. He hands her the box from their father but she claims she doesn't want it either.

He packs it away in his duffle bag but then she suggests they open it together. Outside, Stephanie argues with Philip about why he hired Melanie.

E.J. finds Brady with Nicole and worries that something is wrong with the baby. Nicole asks him to stop worrying. When Stefano calls E.J., Brady privately pushes Nicole again to tell him that she lost the baby.

Later, E.J. pushes Nicole to go back to her doctor with him so he can find out all he can about her pregnancy.

At the clinic, Dr. Baker asks Nicole if it's okay for him to tell E.J. everything. Back with Sami, Rafe admits he did some investigating into the man who impregnated her and guesses that she has feelings for him.

Spotting the medal she now has, Rafe realizes that she slipped out while he was gone. Sami admits she went to the church and assures him that she was very careful as she met Sister Teresa.

She convinces him to take her back to see the nun but at the church, they learn she's unavailable. Rafe confesses that he was a troubled teen who was straightened out by Sister Agnes.

The two then agree to back off their fighting. Brady runs into Bo who warns him to stay away from Nicole.

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