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E.J. shows Stefano the diamond ring he's about to give to Nicole. Stefano hands him a folder containing a pre nuptial agreement.

E.J. refuses to have Nicole sign it. Accusing him of being a "big time" baby broker, Nicole challenges Dr. Baker to help her or she'll ruin his scheme.

He denies doing anything illegal but she reveals she saw his cellphone calls and insists he find her a baby.

She eventually forces him to help her. Upset after his latest session, John complains to Charlotte about his lack of progress and decides to stop her sessions. She offers to hypnotize him and promises she'll videotape it so he can watch after each session.

Marlena updates Tony on her latest frustration with John.

Later, John tells Marlena he intends to spend New Year's Eve by himself. He's curious to hear Charlotte invite Marlena to spend New Year's Eve with her at "ladies' night" at the Chez Rouge.

After sex, Lucas comments to Chloe about how wild she is in bed and wonders about her increased excitement. Thinking of Daniel, Chloe claims it's because Lucas makes her feel safe.

Kate rejects Daniel when he comes on to her so he denies that he's interested in anything more than friendship.

While Lucas visits with Kate, Chloe stops by the hospital for an appointment and tries to see another doctor but Daniel insists he can take care of her. Chloe tells him she wants another doctor.

Lucas is curious when Kate urges him to marry Chloe as soon as possible. She offers to speak to Chloe on his behalf. Later, Kate's curious to hear Daniel is no longer Chloe's doctor.

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