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Stephanie tells Philip she doesn't think she can go through with the date because she's out of his league. He says he doesn't require things to be formal.

She kisses him and as she does, Lucas interrupts.

After Maggie welcomes Marlena and Charlotte to the Chez Rouge, John asks if he can join them.

Charlotte claims she can't be with him socially and, though he offers to leave, Charlotte ends up going.

However, Marlena accuses him of "playing her" and walks out.

John chases after her and apologizes.

As Kate questions Daniel about the change, Chloe tells her that she requested another doctor.

Kate then asks Chloe if she and Lucas will move up their wedding date in case her health situation becomes worse.

After Chloe leaves, Kate asks Daniel what's going on between him and her future daughter-in-law.

E.J. complains to Tony about having to work tonight, the night he intended to pop the question to Nicole. Tony wonders if Stefano arranged this to foil E.J.'s plans.

After insisting that Dr. Baker find the right baby for her, Nicole returns to the mansion where E.J. breaks the news to her about work.

Surprisingly, she's not upset. Chelsea approaches Max at the bar and he agrees to go out with her tonight.

But when they arrive at the restaurant, he quickly spots Stephanie.

At midnight, Chelsea kisses Max. Melanie arranges for someone to spill a drink on Stephanie so she can be with Philip.

Chloe approaches Nicole for advice and, as they stroll near the docks, she admits she doesn't know if she can marry Lucas.

Nicole quickly guesses there's another man in her life and warns her not to tell Lucas. Later, after Chloe twists her ankle, Daniel is there to carry her.

Nicole drives to Dr. Baker's office to see him about a baby but her car breaks down.

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