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Sami warns Rafe that Stefano will find out that he was snooping. Rafe boasts that he can handle Stefano.

She then complains that her children are growing up and she can't be with them. Sami asks if she can go see Sister Teresa but Rafe won't allow it.

Brady's not pleased to find Nicole scanning adoption websites on the Internet. Though she asks him again to keep secret that she lost the baby, he reminds her what Stefano did to his father once he found out he was lying.

She asks for his help but he instructs her to tell E.J. the truth.

E.J. wonders to Stefano if the security breach at the mansion had anything to do with the jewelry business. Stefano doubts it and urges E.J. to marry Nicole to make sure he has a claim to her baby.

After telling him to back off, E.J. asks Roman if he can have a visit with Sami. Roman won't allow it but does agree to a phone call as long as he listens too.

While strolling along the docks, Lucas thanks Chloe for offering to help his mother. As she tries to remove her engagement ring, she pulls too hard and it goes flying into the water.

In spite of the cold, Lucas dives in and finds it. They stop by the Cheatin' Heart where Nicole congratulates Chloe on her engagement.

Chloe is suspicious when Nicole claims she's feeling fine.

Later, Nicole scores some cocaine and spikes Brady's drink. Still pondering the box left by Trent, Max considers throwing it away but Chelsea stops him and takes him back to his place where he opens the box and finds his childhood toy dog Charlie inside.

He remembers when Trent angrily took the toy away from him. With the dog, Max finds a note from Trent that reads "I'm sorry."

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