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Listening again to Nicole's "confession," Bo guesses to Hope that she's telling the truth that she did not kill Trent. The two debate whether she was lying about seeing a tall person there when she left.

Hope guesses that the killer is somehow linked to Melanie or Nicole.

Nicole and E.J. argue about Stefano and Trent. He asks Nicole to trust him and claims he no longer thinks she killed Trent. Sami emerges from the shower and discovers that Rafe took her clothes and the towel.

She demands them and threatens to file a complaint but he's too busy watching a basketball game on TV. During halftime, Rafe invites Sami to come get dressed and eat but she refuses.

She eventually emerges from the bathroom and discovers Rafe is asleep. Nick surprises Melanie with a birthday cake and catches her off guard when he yells "surprise" at her.

She admits that she felt she was being watched when the mystery person called her earlier. Melanie boasts that when she finds out who's bothering her, she'll kill him.

After blowing out the candles, Melanie tells Nick that she wished her father's killer would be found. Max calls Nick who tells Melanie that her brother has come up with the correct formula for his project so he can resubmit it.

He assures her that he would do anything for her and then instructs her to open the gifts he got her. She opens an empty picture frame and disappoints Nick by placing a photo of her and her father inside it.

Grabbing a knife to cut the cake, Nick is reminded of seeing Trent knock his daughter out. Nick then approaches him, armed with a knife and stabs Trent.

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