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Philip and Lucas hear Daniel admit it's a critical time for Kate. Philip wants him to stop her chemo but the doctor says it's Kate's decision.

Lucas agrees with Daniel's assessment that her cancer will get worse but Philip insists he stop the drug therapy.

Chloe slips in to see Kate and encourages her to be strong and fight the cancer. Encouraged, Kate tells Philip and Lucas she will continue with the treatments.

Stopping Sami before she can leave the safe house, Rafe notices how tight his shirt is on her and guesses that she's pregnant.

Sami tries to deny it but Rafe won't let up until she tells him it's none of his business. She lies that her father told her not to let anyone know she was pregnant.

He again assumes she's lying so she finally tells him why she hasn't said a word to the baby's father.

Rafe suggests that she's made terrible decisions but she claims she couldn't tell E.J., the baby's father, because his father is Stefano.

Grabbing the phone, Rafe decides that he must tell his boss and guesses E.J. will soon know the truth.

After remembering how he stabbed Trent, Nick surprises Melanie with another gift, a ring which he calls a friendship ring. He boasts that he wants to take care of her and protect her.

After Nicole gets out on bail, Hope arrives and realizes it's Melanie's birthday. Alone with an upset Nick, Hope warns that she doesn't know if the charges against Nicole will "stick."

Hope senses that Nick knows something about Trent's murder but he denies it. Melanie runs into Philip and learns that his mother is dying.

Once E.J. takes her back to the mansion, Nicole announces that she is leaving. He begs her to stay and promises they can have a wonderful life together.

E.J. also claims he'll put Sami out of his life.

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