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John tells Marlena he hired a PI to find out who killed the mayor so Sami can come home. Brady arrives and Marlena introduces him to John - whilst explaining that he is his son.

Unimpressed, John leaves as Marlena chats with Brady about his rehab.

Explaining John's odd reaction, Marlena warns Brady that his father is ill. When Lexie has a hard time dealing with Theo, Chelsea finds her arguing with her son and stops her.

She tries to comfort the exasperated boy and does so by singing to him.

Chelsea advises Lexie she read about using music to calm down kids with autism. When Theo wants nothing to do with his mother, Chelsea offers to take him to the park.

Kayla assures an exasperated Lexie that she is a good mother.

Back from her trip with Mickey, Maggie talks with Nick about Melanie, unaware Melanie is listening from nearby.

Defending his invitation to stay there with them, he claims Melanie has nowhere else to go.

Melanie interrupts and assures Maggie she will cause no trouble.

Once Nick heads to the hospital to get another prescription for his pills, Melanie assures Maggie that she and Nick are just friends.

Maggie warns her about Willow and her tragic demise.

Max apologizes to Kayla for the way he treated the family when he went looking for his sister. Kayla runs into Nick and, reading his prescription, warns him about using those drugs.

When he returns home, Maggie is shocked to find the pills he's taking and worries when he is belligerent to her. Max spots the ring Nick gave Melanie and warns her that Nick's in love with her.

Later, Nick invites Melanie up to the Green Mountain Lodge but she won't go. Upset, Nick storms out. Finding a note Nick wrote, Melanie realizes that his handwriting matches that on the threatening notes she received.

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