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Nicole urges John to spend time with Brady, pointing out that Marlena would like him better if he did. E.J. asks Brady to keep his distance from Nicole.

Hope informs Bo and Maggie that Nick and Melanie are gone and have taken all of their things. When Max and Chelsea arrive, they learn about the two friends fleeing.

Maggie shows Bo and Hope the note she found about the cemetery and Chelsea recognizes Nick's handwriting. Later, Max worries to Chelsea that it wasn't Melanie's idea to skip town.

Hope guesses that Nick might have killed Trent.

Refusing a drink in their motel room, Melanie is upset as Nick offers a toast to "his wife." Seeing him pop a few pills before he takes a sip, Melanie asks if he should be mixing his drugs with alcohol.

He responds rudely but then claims he was just kidding. She announces she wants to go back to Salem but he won't allow it.

Melanie walks over and tries to run out but he quickly forces the door closed and claims the police may be looking for her.

Melanie then decides to take a bath but before he lets her into the bathroom, he demands she hand him her phone.

He explains it can be used to track them so he wants to disable it. He starts kissing her and tells her that he loves her.

Melanie grabs the ice pick and, when she gets her chance, attacks Nick and tries to run out only to be stopped. As they fight, Nick's cellphone falls and automatically dials Stephanie's.

Stephanie is unsure of herself when Philip offers her a job. They head over to Maggie's and, when Nick calls, Stephanie answers and hears Melanie accuse Nick of killing her father.

John stops by to see Marlena and finds Brady living there. John offers to leave but Brady asks him to stay and talk.

E.J. returns to the mansion and when he finds Nicole there, he carries her upstairs to the bedroom to have sex.

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