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Nicole shows E.J. the newspaper headlines about Nick's arrest for Trent's murder. E.J. surprises Nicole with a promise of a romantic weekend - but as she to pack, Stefano advises his son he'll have to cancel his plans.

Nicole's upset by the news so E.J. tells her to go to the getaway by herself and he'll join her later.

Nicole is pleased to find a special gift of lingerie waiting for her at the cabin, thanks to E.J. Stefano announces to his son that they are flying to Argentina.

E.J. calls an upset Nicole and, after they finish, she suddenly feels a terrible stomach pain.

A man wearing a ski mask watches an unsuspecting Marlena. Rafe is frustrated when Sami opens the drapes in the safe house. He quickly pushes her away from the windows.

Rafe finally relents and allows her to look outside where Sami recognizes the church across the street. John boasts to Steve that he has a lead on the person who killed the mayor.

He then calls Marlena and hints that he may have some good news for her soon. As she talks, the masked man grabs the fireplace poker.

After she hangs up, the stranger grabs her and demands to know where Sami is and threatens to kill her. Marlena knocks him down and calls John for help before her attacker grabs her again.

John interrupts and when he points his gun at him, the attacker grabs Marlena and threatens to kill her. Kayla's not happy to hear Steve is working on a secret case with John and won't tell her anything.

She pressures him until he finally shows her the sketches of the people they are searching for.

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