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Nicole tells the guard that she's in pain and worries that she is losing her baby. The guard doesn't believe her but allows a doctor to examine her.

Before the doctor leaves, he explains that cramping is normal.

Stefano lectures E.J. about allowing the woman carrying his heir to remain in jail. E.J. blames it on Judge Fitzpatrick and hints that he's not sure if Nicole is innocent.

Stefano suggests they find out who did.

When Chelsea badmouths Melanie, Philip points out that people used to say the same thing about her and accuses her of not wanting any other woman to be with Nick.

He then states that since Nicole is under arrest for Trent's murder, he thinks she owes Melanie an apology for thinking she killed her father.

As she unpacks, Melanie realizes that the note is missing.

Downstairs, Nick finds the note. Melanie confronts him and he claims that her purse fell over. She's intrigued when he reveals the large sum of money that could come his way, thanks to his project.

Mentioning Trent's involvement, he adds that it will be her money too.

Later, he asks her about the note and reveals that Max told him that she doesn't remember what happened in the cemetery.

He offers his help but she sends him away.

Stephanie's surprised to find Max back working at the Cheatin' Heart and gives him a hard time about it.

When Philip and Chelsea arrive, a tipsy Stephanie joins them until Philip decides she's had too much to drink and offers to take her home.

The day before the election, Stefano calls Lexie to warn her not to allow Abe to appoint Roman police commissioner.

E.J. stops by the station house to see Nicole and is told she's gone.

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