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Stefano boasts to Tony that he voted and assures him he had nothing to do with the mayor's death. Tony accuses him of hiring a hit man, but Stefano challenges him to find proof.

As Lexie decorates the Pub for tonight's victory party, Abe admits he wants to keep the celebration low key and tells her he's troubled by the mayor's murder.

She leaks that the mayor was killed after she had a chat with her father about him. Roman interrupts so Abe tells him what Lexie said about her father.

Tony arrives at the Pub and Lexie regrets what she told Abe.

Roman and Abe confront Stefano who claims he pulled his support for the now-dead mayor after Lexie asked him for his support.

Abe asks him point blank if he hired someone to do the deed but Stefano suggests he doesn't really want to hear his answer.

Roman vows to trace the killer to Stefano.

With Nick sitting outside her door, Melanie has a troubled sleep and suddenly wakes, asking aloud if someone is there.

Nick pops another pill and then reassures Melanie that he won't tell anyone about the anonymous note. After another glowing email about his project, Nick shows her how much money the idea should earn for them both.

Philip's not happy to see Daniel helping Chloe work out at the gym while Kate is ill. The doctor assures him there are other doctors taking care of her but Philip insists he not abandon his mother.

Later, Philip confronts Nick about his alternative fuel project and warns that it will never happen. When Chloe talks about missing her life as an opera singer, Daniel asks if Lucas is taking that away from her.

At the Pub Evan announces that Abe has won in a landslide.

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