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Hope congratulates Bo on being named new police commissioner. After Philip claims she's too much for Nick to "handle," Melanie guesses Philip would like the challenge.

Max warns a lovesick Nick that Melanie is nothing but trouble. Melanie arrives at the Cheatin' Heart and announces to Max that she's thinking of going back to France.

As they argue, Melanie gets a threatening phone call.

Worried, Melanie runs home to Nick and tells him she's leaving Salem. She also mentions the call and guesses it was the same person who sent the notes. He argues it would be better for her to stay.

At the safe house, Rafe gives Sami a hard time for trying to slip outside. After some time, Sami cries that she doesn't want to be there anymore and wants to go home.

He allows her to call her father.

Instead, she reaches Lucas who stuns her with the news about Nicole's arrest. Rafe blasts her for lying to him again but the two calm down and talk about Sami's kids.

When a smoke alarm sounds, Sami tries to run but Rafe stops her. With her safe in her own cell, E.J. assures a worried Nicole that she will be a good mother. However, he also asks her for the truth about her involvement with Trent's murder.

She agrees so he calls Bo to come listen. When he arrives with Hope, Nicole admits she went to meet Trent at the cemetery and was carrying a gun.

Though she confesses she wanted to kill Trent, she insists she didn't and then remembers seeing a tall man at the entrance to the cemetery.

E.J. asks Bo if he interviewed the caretaker.

Bo leaves with Hope while Nicole suddenly guesses that E.J. and Stefano have set her up so they can take her baby.

Philip runs into Stephanie who announces that she is going to study advertising in school and needs to study more.

He offers to find her a job at Titan.

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