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The mystery man brings Ciara to a cabin. He tells the crying girl that he can't take her home right now. He then ties up Ciara.

Then a man and a woman arrive.

After the woman complains about being left alone with him and the girl, she tells the kidnapper that they'll wait to hear from Dean.

Bo and Hope are given a ransom note that was found and in it, the kidnapper demands $5 million for Ciara's return.

Hope guesses they think they're rich because of her recent half million dollar donation. Justin decides that Victor can help and runs to tell him.

Bo assembles the top cops to search for Ciara and the last to arrive is Dean. Concerned about what Melanie thinks, Stephanie tells Nathan she's going to call her to explain but Nathan insists they did nothing wrong.

She warns that Melanie will seek revenge but Nathan points out they aren't even dating. He then invites her to accompany him as they enjoy the evening together. As Brady and Arianna kiss passionately, Daniel interrupts and quickly apologizes for interrupting them.

After Arianna runs out, the doctor asks Brady for help saving Chloe. Brady comes up with an idea but Daniel's worried that they must wait first.

Victor later assures Daniel that he should trust Brady to help him. When Victor later assigns Philip to another "dirty job," he complains about how Carlos was treated and announces that he's quitting.

Melanie interrupts Arianna as she measures out some cocaine to put in small packets. Later, when Brady finds her at the empty Pub, he notices a small packet on the floor and tells her it's filled with cocaine.

Philip rages when he finds Stephanie and Nathan having some fun with cotton candy and attacks him. Nathan fights back until Stephanie stops them and runs off with Nathan close behind.

What happens next? Find out in these Days of Our Lives spoilers!

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