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Kyle and Brenda take care of Ciara as they wait for word from Dean. Justin tells him Ciara has been kidnaped, prompting Victor to call Philip but he can't get in touch with him.

He then calls Zurich to arrange for the ransom. After he learns that the money will be in his account, Victor hurries to the station house where he tells Bo he has the money for the ransom.

Bo insists that he not interfere like he did when Stephanie was kidnaped.

He then asks him for the names of everyone who may have a grudge against his family. At the shuttered Pub, Arianna denies to Brady that she knows that the packet of powder is actually cocaine.

He tells her to call the police but she refuses, worried that Caroline might lose the Pub. She lies that it probably came from some out-of-town businessmen and sends him on his way.

She then calls her supplier and asks for more drugs. When Victor runs into Stephanie in the park with Nathan, he calls her a "tramp" and blames her for Philip leaving the family business and the family.

Complaining that he won't take his calls, Victor asks them to tell Philip that Ciara's been kidnaped should they run into him.

After he surprises her with a kiss, Melanie slaps Philip and explains that she's trying to change. He claims that she's the only person who accepts him as he is.

After refusing another call from his father, Philip kisses her again and invites her to go somewhere more private. The two end up having sex at a motel room.

Dean calls Brenda and Kyle about phase two of his kidnaping plan.

Hope remembers Ciara taking a lollipop from a stranger at her birthday party and realizes that the girl was targeted. Brenda then calls Hope.

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