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Melanie interrupts Stephanie and Philip to tell her rival about last night. Philip explains why they were together. After Melanie leaves, Philip talks with Stephanie. He does not mention sex was involved.

She suggests that because he left his family, she now realizes they can be together. Later, Philip stuns Melanie with the news that he and Stephanie are back together and warns her not to say anything about the night in the motel.

After seeing a vision of the kidnappers shooting Ciara, Bo fails to reach Hope on her cellphone and hurries out, vowing not to pay the ransom.

While Kyle stays behind with Ciara, Brenda slips out of the cabin and hides in some bushes as she watches Hope. Bo finds Hope and announces that they are not going to pay.

He explains his fear that something is going to go wrong. Dean arrives but can't find out why Bo canceled the ransom drop.

He slips away to the cabin and tells his accomplices what happened before hurrying back to the station house.

After telling Nicole on the phone that he got the money, Dr. Baker places another horse race bet and promptly loses, assuring his bookie that he will get paid.

Rafe meets a woman at Baker's old clinic and she admits that she used to work with him. Hearing Bo didn't pay the money for Ciara, Victor meets Stefano and E.J. who assure him they had nothing to do with kidnaping.

E.J. boasts they would never do anything to harm children.

Bo explains to Justin that because Ciara saw the person who gave her the lollipop, she can identify one of the kidnapers and knows they would not free her.

Dean shows up with proof that victims are usually returned safely.

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