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Nicole is suspicious after talking with Arianna about Rafe. At the clinic Sara tells Rafe that Dr. Baker was nice but she knew something strange was up.

He's frustrated she doesn't know what it was but when she mentions Nicole's name, he uses a nearby computer to look up her file.

Finding nothing there, Sara remembers that Nicole had her baby at the clinic. She doesn't recognize a cellphone photo of Nicole but does remember E.J.'s and then Sami's too and remarks that Baker gave Sami her baby.

As Melanie complains about the way Philip has treated her, Stephanie interrupts and wonders what they're arguing about.

Hearing that she and Philip are getting back together, Stephanie denies it and explains that she and Philip were only going to talk about the idea.

She then insists that Nathan is only interested in Melanie, not her. Later, Melanie promises Philip she won't tell Stephanie they had sex.

Meanwhile, the manager of the motel watches a secret video of Philip and Melanie having sex. E.J. decides to ask Lexie to perform all sorts of DNA tests on Sydney.

When Nicole arrives and complains, E.J. insists that they will all be tested to protect Sydney.

Later, Stefano assures Nicole that he will make sure the DNA tests show the "right" results. After Bo warns the kidnaper that they won't pay the ransom but will use the money to track them down, the voice on the phone boasts that Ciara will die.

Hearing his parents talking about Ciara, Theo repeats "Ciara and angel" over and over. At the cabin, Kyle, who wears a tattoo of an angel, finds Brenda packing and calls Dean to warn him. Dean rushes to the cabin and threatens them both, promising his plan will make them rich.

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