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Arianna watches Rafe use Nicole's phone to reach out to Dr. Baker. His sister hands him her credit card to pay for a flight.

Nicole worries when Sami stops by the mansion and mentions the call from Baker. She's relieved to hear Sami told him Grace died.

After she mentions the doctor claimed to have moved his practice to the Dominican Republic, Nicole tells her to forget about Baker.

Later, Sami finds out from Arianna that Rafe left town. Nicole worries when Baker reports the text messages she sent him.

In the park E.J. remarks about Mia's mothering ability after she's able to quickly calm a crying Sydney. Kate finds a tipsy Daniel in the park.

He complains about losing her love and suggests that he was forced to turn to another woman, the opposite of her, after he couldn't have Kate.

She asks if he's wearing a wire but he removes his shirt to show he's not wired. Daniel also offers to take off his pants but she stops him and then decides she must go home.

There, she wonders if Daniel was being honest with her. Meanwhile, Daniel tells himself he's got to do this for Chloe's sake.

Sitting in Chloe's hospital room, talking with Lexie, Lucas is surprised when Chloe's father Craig arrives.

After Lexie welcomes him back to Salem, Lucas shows him his daughter's living will and wonders what to do. Craig examines Chloe and later assures Lucas that no matter what he decides, he and his wife support him.

Arianna meets Troy in the park and pays him.

Brady suddenly appears and chases him off. He then ponders if that guy was the same man who tried to attack her before.

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