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Nicole tells Brady that Chloe did love Daniel and thinks it unlikely that Daniel would poison her. Nicole guesses that Kate is responsible.

Lucas refuses to believe Daniel's claim that Kate poisoned Chloe and set him up to be blamed for the crime.

Daniel pleads with Lucas to keep his mother away from Chloe.

He asks him to bring Lexie to see him because he has some ideas that may help a comatose Chloe but Lucas refuses.

Finding Kate with her bags packed, Victor accuses her of fleeing the scene of her latest crime. She insists she's just moving in with Lucas.

He claims she did what she did not to protect her son but to get back at Daniel for picking a younger woman over her.

Kate counters that she might just find a place for her to live with Philip who she thinks would hate Victor if he turned her in.

When Brady arrives and asks about the taxi outside, Kate mentions moving but then claims Victor wants her to stay at the Kiriakis mansion.

Kate slips into Chloe's room again and blames the comatose women for ruining everything where Daniel is concerned.

Stefano pushes Meredith to do the right thing and tell Sami all about Rafe's relationship with her sister. He urges her to explain that Rafe was responsible for her death.

Later, Nicole wonders aloud to Stefano if he might have had something to do with Sami being upset earlier.

She asks him to back off from Rafe because Sami has suffered enough but he angrily claims there is no going back.

Meredith writes Sami a letter about Rafe.

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