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Arianna completes a drug deal with Troy. She panics when Bo almost catches her in the act. After Bo is called away, Brady arrives with a picnic and accidentally spills her purse.

Hiding the packet of drugs, Arianna reads a text message about the next drug shipment being available at the Pub.

She spills wine on herself and announces she's going home to change. Brady later catches her taking a box from a stranger.

Philip takes a call from Carlo who has been shot at the docks while doing a shady business deal. Though Carlo doesn't want to go to the hospital, Philip calls for an ambulance.

Bo questions Philip about the shooting and guesses that he is now involved with the seamier side of Victor's business.

After Carlo dies, Philip presses Bo to find out who did this but Bo lectures him how the men in charge never get their hands dirty.

Later, when Philip tells Carlo's wife about her husband, she slaps him.

Melanie disappoints Nathan again when she reveals that her schedule is changed so they can't have dinner tonight.

He later offers to take Stephanie out for a concert in the park.

Kate sits in Chloe's room, telling the comatose woman that she betrayed her husband even on their wedding night as all she could think about was Daniel. Hope slips into the room and eventually confronts Kate about her words.

Kate tries to deny doing anything wrong but when Hope reveals that she was taping all she said, Kate admits she knew about Chloe's affair with Daniel.

She insists she doesn't hate Chloe and only wanted to protect her son.

Back at the jail, Hope hints to Daniel she may believe his story and leaks that she found Kate with Chloe.

He panics and offers to hire a guard to watch Chloe. Lucas confronts his mother about hurting Chloe but she denies it. She turns on the tears but Lucas walks out.

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