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Worried about Lucas, Maggie calls him but he opts not to answer. Maggie leaks to Melanie about Lucas' drinking problem.

When she asks why he "slipped," Maggie won't tell and then runs out to find him. At the Cheatin' Heart, Maggie grabs his next drink before Lucas can take a sip.

After he wonders why Chloe ended things, Maggie confesses that Chloe's having an affair with Daniel.

A drunk Lucas vows to kill him.

Chloe opens up to a priest about the troubles in her life and is surprised when he suggests that her affair with Daniel was simply her falling in love.

He urges her to follow her heart. Daniel gives Kate the good news that she's in remission.

Thrilled, she hints that she wants a second chance with him but he suggests she go give her family the good news.

Chelsea advises Stephanie that she and Max kissed but Stephanie insists that she is done with Max and won't be going back to him.

Hearing she's over Philip too, Chelsea suggests that it's too early for her to say that because she knows Philip likes her.

Philip warns E.J. that he'll not be able to steal the alternative fuels project from Titan. Tony finds them arguing and blasts them for trying to put their families at odds.

Ignoring him, Philip grabs E.J. and threatens that he'll force him out of town but E.J. chastises Philip for firing Melanie and then expecting her to help him.

Later, Tony warns E.J. not to start a war with the Kiriakis family.

Philip surprises Melanie with a passionate kiss and claims he can't stop his desire for her. Encouraged by Chelsea, Stephanie goes to see Philip and finds him kissing Chelsea.

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