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Hope tells Bo that he could have prevented her from harming Kayla. Steve lays into Bo for not preventing this.

Bo insists he couldn't tell from his vision what was actually going to happen. Melanie daydreams of being with Philip.

Max interrupts but then gets a call from Caroline about Kayla.

Melanie decides to follow him to the hospital. There, she runs into Philip who wonders why she is there.

Lexie emerges from the OR and announces that Kayla will be fine.

Relieved, Stephanie thanks Philip for being with her as Melanie watches them. Hearing them talk, Melanie comes to the conclusion that they have had sex.

Hope continues to give Bo a hard time because she shot Kayla.

As Sami insists on staying longer, Rafe explains that it's time for him to move on since she can safely go home now.

Roman calls and advises Sami that he wants her to remain with Rafe for the time being while they insure that the assassin was acting alone.

He also tells her that Kayla was shot and needs surgery. Spending time with "her" baby, Sami wonders to Rafe who she looks like and decides to name her Grace.

Enjoying her time alone with E.J. and the baby, Nicole's disturbed when Mia calls. She's relieved to hear that she's leaving town tomorrow after Dr. Baker gave her the okay to travel.

When a pediatrician arrives at the mansion and examines the baby, Nicole panics to hear that she's to bring her to the hospital for blood typing.

E.J.'s surprised when Nicole announces that she's decided not to breast-feed their baby. Nicole comes up with the name Sydney for their baby.

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