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Finding Stephanie with Philip, Melanie tells him she's having second thoughts about the project. He insists they are professionals there.

When he accuses her of being jealous of him and Stephanie, Melanie announces that she is done with Titan.

He counters that he can force her back but she denies it.

Daniel watches as Maggie meets Lucas at the hospital and suggests that he needs to get to know Chloe better.

Denying it, Lucas boasts that they have no secrets between them.

Before Maggie can set him straight, Kate interrupts and reminds him about a meeting with Chloe.

Nicole lets slip to a curious Chloe that she did "something" but will only admit that it has something to do with the baby and Sami.

She asks her friend not to say anything to E.J. Chloe meets Daniel at his place and he reveals that he's aware Maggie knows about their affair.

She insists it's over but ends up kissing him.

Boasting about the birth of his daughter, E.J. advises Lexie that Sami will be coming out of the witness protection program soon but that he wants nothing to do with her.

She asks if he intends to marry Nicole now.

Victor and Brady discuss the fuels project as well as Nicole and Chloe.

As Philip boasts that he knows she doesn't have a deal with the DiMeras, Melanie calls E.J. and tells him that she's decided to sign with him.

She pretends they have a meeting arranged which outrages Philip.

Later, an upset Victor orders Philip to punish Melanie.

Brady eyes Nicole's baby and realizes that she convinced Mia to give hers up. Nicole asks him not to tell anyone. E.J. arrives and is not pleased to see Brady there.

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