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At knifepoint, the assassin tells Hilda he wants Sami - Hilda denies knowing where she is so the assassin kills her! As Daniel and Chloe fall into bed, Lucas knocks on the door.

He's upset when she refuses to let him inside.

Chloe orders Daniel to hide but he refuses. Lucas finally decides to leave but then Kate arrives and offers to help. After they leave, Daniel accuses Chloe of wanting him and invites her to act on her feelings.

Instead, she orders him to get out. Max arrives at the party and finds Stephanie and Philip kissing. He then surprises Chelsea who didn't expect him.

The two agree they can be friends.

When he suggests they slip out, Philip and Stephanie interrupt. Max warns Philip that if he hurts Stephanie, he'll answer to him.

When Chloe finally comes downstairs, Lucas introduces her as the future Mrs. Lucas Horton.

Having slipped out of the safe house, Sami ends up meeting Sister Teresa at the church and talks about the baby she's carrying.

Assuring they'll help with the baby, the nun gives her a cellphone to use if she ever wants to talk. Refusing to leave the hospital, Stefano announces to E.J. that he's putting him in charge of a project while he opts to concentrate on his family.

When E.J. asks about Tony's role, Stefano laughs. Tony finds Nicole at the mansion and has no clue where E.J. is or what's happened to Theo.

He points out that E.J. is not communicating with her but she guesses he just wants E.J. out of the way so he can run the business.

When E.J. arrives, Nicole complains about Tony worrying her. E.J. insists that neither the family business nor Stefano will ruin their relationship.

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