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Stefano asks Kate if she's decided about his marriage proposal. She claims she's not ready to make a commitment.

He guesses she's interested in Daniel but she insists that they are just friends.

Marlena enters Charlotte's office as she watches the video of John's hypnosis session and asks why she left her last job so abruptly.

Charlotte claims she left to take care of her dying father and chastises Marlena for not visiting with him.

Marlena admits she didn't know he was ill and insists they both want John to get better.

After she leaves, Charlotte disagrees with her claim.

John returns and Charlotte tells him hypnosis won't work for him.

Maggie advises Max that Nick is being sentenced today and only wants her and Melanie in the court.

Hearing about Nick, Stephanie asks Max to take her to court with him. Melanie asks for the morning off but Philip reminds her about the important meeting.

Stephanie calls Philip to explain why Melanie wants to leave and he appreciates the update.

Before the judge calls the session to order, Maggie is happy to see Stephanie and Max have arrived for the sentencing.

Admitting Trent was her father, Melanie convinces the judge to let her speak and ask for leniency for Nick.

Thanks to her speech, Nick is sentenced to 2-5 years in prison instead of life. Nicole meets Mia who again tells her that she won't consider giving her the baby until she meets her fiancee.

Nicole claims that's impossible. She explains all that has happened which only serves to scare Mia.

Chloe confronts Daniel at his place to make sure he doesn't say anything about yesterday but can't fight her attraction to him. The two end up in bed together.

After sex, Kate arrives so Chloe hides and listens to them discuss their feelings for each other.

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