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Chloe announces to Lucas that she's got an audition in Vancouver. She runs into Daniel at the docks and he wants to talk about their relationship.

E.J.'s not happy when Nicole lies that she's heading to Chicago to continue her volunteering efforts. He decides that she's not going anywhere and after some arguing, she calls Dr. Baker to cancel her "trip."

Reminding her that he wasn't there for the birth of his last child, E.J. advises Nicole that he will be there for this birth.

The assassin finds proof in the empty safe house that Sami was there.

Sami arrives at the convent with Rafe.

He assures her he'll be back and walks out. Sami calls Lucas and warns that she's in trouble again and is staying at a convent now.

Chloe is furious when Lucas explains that he can't leave because of Sami's trouble. She runs to complain to Nicole and leaks that Sami is pregnant.

Rafe returns to the safe house where he's grabbed by the assassin.

Brady advises John that Charlotte lied because the hypnosis session did work and shows him the sample from the recording. Brady admits he also showed this to Marlena.

Meanwhile, after Charlotte bashes Marlena for interfering.

Marlena blasts her for lying to John about the hypnosis session. John calls her and asks her not to confront Charlotte but Marlena reveals that it's too late.

Charlotte interrupts and suddenly starts babbling that she's going to make Marlena pay for what she did.

Threatening to inject her with a drug, Charlotte complains that her father always raved about Marlena while having little time for his own daughter.

John interrupts as they fight and ends up getting stabbed with the needle. Fed up with the paper work, Bo confides to Hope that he's thinking of resigning as police commissioner.

He and Hope help Marlena take care of John who loses consciousness.

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