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Tired of Rafe complaining about Emily, Sami walks out. He follows her home and defends wanting to keep his past a secret.

He calms her down and they end up in bed.

After sex, she searches through his wallet for cash to buy some take out and finds a mass card for Emily Hudson dated March 28, 2007.

Pushing Chloe to take more than one bite of the apple she poisoned, Kate then insists that she and Daniel meet her at the Java Cafe to talk about the TV show.

There, she turns on her tape recorder and gets them talking about the show. As they talk, Chloe starts to feel ill, much to Kate's delight.

Kate later alters the new recording she made while Daniel catches her as Chloe collapses.

Melanie enlists Maggie's help in trying to pair two friends in romance. Arianna asks Brady if he can talk Sami into ending her relationship with Rafe since she thinks Sami is all wrong for her brother.

He points out this isn't really any of her business and refuses to talk about this with Sami.

Brady later meets Melanie at the Java Cafe and she enlists his help cleaning up the Horton cabin tomorrow. Scheming to put them together, Melanie then sends a text message to Arianna, asking her to come to the Java too.

She asks her to help tomorrow and talks about how much fun they'll have afterwards, sitting around the pool.

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