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After finding her notebook, Maggie compliments Mia on her writing. Maggie suggests that she start keeping a journal. Sami and Rafe are going to take the kids on a picnic.

When the air conditioner starts making strange noises, though, he offers to fix it first. When he takes a tumble from the ladder and crashes hard to the ground, Sami stars crying and tells him that she can't lose him.

As he comforts her, she apologizes for falling apart and asks him how he got over losing Emily. Later, reading directions to where she's going to set up their picnic, Rafe panics.

Arianna apologizes to Brady and wants to start over.

The two talk and later, end up kissing until Brady pulls away and apologizes.

Nicole spots them and tries to question Arianna but she won't talk.

Later, Melanie catches Arianna lying and calls her on it.

At the Java, Chad doubts to Will that Mia was ever in rehab because she never did drugs when they were together.

After Will walks out, Mia arrives so Chad challenges her story. Mia claims that after he left her, she turned to pills.

Later, Will returns and starts arguing with Chad again until Will warns him to stay away from Mia.

While Will goes swimming with some friends and wonders aloud if there will be anyone from Mia's school, Mia starts writing in her journal about hiding her pregnancy.

Sami starts to set up her blanket for the picnic and hears a woman crying out for Emily.

What happens next? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers!

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