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Melanie takes tipsy Philip to the cabin so he can look for his watch. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away.

Nathan learns that Melanie left the Pub with a guy named Philip.

Chloe tells Daniel that she loves him and is willing to leave Lucas.

As they kiss, Chris interrupts and announces that it is time to start taping the TV show. After hearing Kate's altered tape recording of Daniel vowing that no one else will have Chloe, a worried Maggie runs into Hope at the hospital and tells her what she heard.

Bo finds out about her concerns and calls Maggie's place but Chris announces they are taping another session. Meanwhile, Kate tosses the altered tape into the water at the docks and rushes to Maggie's.

Chloe tapes her opening but then collapses.

At the hospital Daniel worries as her condition gets worse.

She reveals that she ate some brownies before the taping.

Kate denies knowing anything but then convinces Maggie to tell Bo and Hope about Daniel's affair with Chloe. Bo decides to get a search warrant for Daniel's place where a cop finds the poison bottle.

Daniel worries when Lexie reports the poisonous drug that was found in Chloe's system. He injects her with another drug to combat the poison. Accusing her of lying about rehab, Chad tells Mia he doesn't think she did drugs and asks for the name of the place where she recovered.

Refusing to talk, Mia runs to Nicole to complain that the father of her child is back in Salem, asking questions.

Nicole promises to take care of him. Later, Nicole confronts Chad and lies that she was the person who helped Mia get off drugs.

Insisting that he's the reason she started taking drugs, Nicole orders him to stay away from Mia. He tries to argue with her but she threatens to make sure he goes back to military school instead of the school he wants to attend.

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