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Nicole is upset when she finds Sydney alone in her playpen. E.J. says he had the baby monitor and Mary was on the phone. Nicole insists on firing Mary.

E.J. reminds her of the great security they have at the mansion.

Lexie brings Chloe back after she flatlines while out in the corridor, two cops keep Daniel from rushing inside.

Lexie emerges to report that Chloe is in a coma.

Daniel tries to order more tests but Bo forces him back to the locker room for more questioning. There, Daniel insists he has no idea how the dangerous drug got into his apartment.

Asked who may have had access to his place, the doctor's surprised to hear that Lucas took Chloe with him when he went to retrieve his clothes.

Hope shows him the prescription and he confirms it looks like his signature but denies ever issuing it. She mentions Chloe getting sick previously from the apple he sent to her but Daniel explains he sent the basket, not what was in it.

Later, as Bo suggests to Hope someone else must have had a motive, Daniel remembers Kate's suspicious actions and confronts her.

An unsuspecting Melanie faces Stephanie's rage when she accuses her of going after her boyfriend. Melanie corrects her by reminding her that she is no longer with Philip.

Stephanie continues to call her names as Melanie tells her she prevented Philip from driving drunk. When Stephanie calls her a "whore," Melanie slaps her.

Brady finds them upset and gets them to calm down long enough for each to explain what happened. Contrite, Stephanie apologizes to her friend for thinking she dumped Nathan to be with Philip.

Melanie tells her Nathan stood her up first. Later, Melanie advises Brady about Chloe.

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