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Daniel rushes Chloe to the hospital after she collapses. Lexie urges him to call Lucas due to her fever.

Meanwhile, Lucas catches his mother listening to Daniel's recorded voice and she lies that she does this for all production meetings.

When Lexie calls, he hurries to the hospital with Kate by his side.

Lexie suggests Daniel find another doctor to handle this case but he refuses until a second blood test comes back negative.

He then calls in a specialist. Chloe starts to feel better and decides that she wants another doctor.

Kate urges her to reconsider but Lucas orders Kate to back off.

As Caroline tells him she doesn't know how she'll run the Pub without him, Max surprises her and Arianna by announcing that Arianna is the new manager for the bar.

Bo wishes Max well in London and suggests that if he and Chelsea decide to tie the knot, they should come back to Salem for to do it.

Nathan tries to stop Melanie from crying about her brother leaving town but she claims he's the only person in town who cares about her.

He brings her to the Pub where Melanie turns on the tears again for her brother. Spotting Nathan with her, Bo asks if he knows about Melanie and he assures him that he has heard the entire story.

Max then says a tearful goodbye and heads to the airport.

Running into her brother, Arianna warns Rafe that she thinks Sami will not give up on finding out who Emily was.

She urges him not to say anything about her.

Sami searches the Internet and finds a notice about a wedding announcement for Rafe and Emily on March 28, 2007.

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