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Lucas lets Bo and Hope into the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson stops them and asks for a warrant.

Upset, the two decide to take him to the Pub for questioning.

There, he explains that he saw Brady walk down by the river near the cemetery and that he was with Melanie.

Bo and Hope search the cemetery and she finds Melanie's dropped ID.

Hope guesses it was left there on purpose. Kate spots Chloe and Daniel embracing and calls out for Lucas to come see.

Daniel insists he was just comforting Chloe after Victor's brutally harsh name-calling. Finding her son herself, Kate changes her mind about telling him but he suspects they are hiding something from him.

Kate lies that she told Maggie she asked her not to tell Lucas she was leaving town.

He thanks her for being honest with him. When Stephanie finally is able to speak, she tells Philip in the morgue drawer next to her who she is.

He promises her that he will save her but admits that he too is locked up. Philip then sends a text message to Brady and Melanie explaining where he is.

Those two remain locked in a crypt, unable to get signals on their cell phones. Realizing he can't get a signal, he enlists the use of a wire from her bra and is able to make the phone work only to find it's dead now due to a lack of power.

Melanie discovers her phone's battery is also dead.

She notices the person buried in the crypt is named Isabella and Brady explains that she was his mother.

As he talks about her and John, Melanie assures him they will get out of there because Isabella must be watching over them.

Owen pushes his father to go start his vacation but he wants to do the latest body that was sent from the hospital and invites him to help.

Hearing noises, Owen sends his father out and then warns Stephanie not to make a sound. However, he later lets her out.

She grabs his gun and as they fight, Philip kicks his way out of his drawer but Owen holds them both at gunpoint.

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