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Chelsea surprises Max at his place. After sex, she announces that she has decided to remain in London.

As Sami reads Johnny and Allie a story that mimics the tragic death of Grace, she starts crying so Will takes over and finishes the tearjerker.

Having heard about Grace, Arianna tries to comfort her brother Rafe who lets slip that Grace was actually Sami's biological daughter.

Rafe calls Sami but she asks him to leave her alone.

He heads to the hospital to make arrangements for Grace but is told that he is not listed as the father on the paperwork they have.

Nicole suddenly arrives and convinces the nurse that he is. Brady runs into Arianna who tells him what's happened.

Reminding her he knows her secret, Stefano congratulates Nicole on how she has handled the truth about Sydney and agrees that E.J. can never find out that she is Sami's baby.

After Chloe wakes from a dream of kissing Daniel, Lucas admits he's got a secret and tells her that Sami's Grace is really her biological daughter. She's upset he kept this from her and walks out.

E.J. stops by to check on Sami and the kids. After boasting how strong Rafe has been, she reveals that Grace was actually her daughter.

He assumes she's confused because of the death. Sami insists she knows what she's saying and points out Grace was born on the same day as Sydney.

She asks him to count back nine months and remember where he was at the time. E.J. realizes that he was Grace's father and rages at her for lying to him.

Sami lists all of his crimes as well as Stefano's order to kill the mayor. She goes on to reveal that she saw him with Nicole when she witnessed the murder and then he married her.

E.J. defends Nicole, insisting she has never lied to him but Sami calls E.J. "pure evil," just like his father.

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