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Sami asks Rafe who Emily is. He doesn't want to talk about her.

She boasts about Nicole bringing Johnny over.

Later when he overhears her asking his sister who Emily is, Rafe lashes out at Sami.

After E.J. points out how Johnny likes her, Nicole reminds her husband that she is not the boy's mother and that he cries out for her at night.

E.J. angrily defends his decision to take Johnny from Sami.

When Stefano later questions her about Rafe's visit, he gets her worried that the ex-FBI man may investigate the baby situation.

Chloe confesses to Maggie that while she can't stop thinking about Daniel, she's determined to make a life with Lucas.

After she admits that doing a TV show with him will be difficult, Maggie approaches Daniel and hints that he should back out of doing the show.

Daniel tires of her advice and warns that he will always love Chloe and then walks away. Philip asks Daniel why Stephanie is taking pills but the doctor won't talk though he does admit he didn't prescribe them for her.

When he confronts Stephanie about the pills, she confides that they were a problem for her but she has decided to stop taking them.

She goes on to state that she can't live there anymore after being kidnaped and the Kiriakis/DiMera feud that continues.

Stephanie removes her engagement ring as she describes the lies she's been forced to tell. Vowing not to do that anymore, Stephanie walks out.

Kate injects poison into one of the apples she finds at Lucas' place.

Chloe returns to the new house but must leave before she can take a bite of the deadly fruit. But later, while on the docks with Allie, Kate convinces Chloe to take a bite from the apple.

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