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Chloe tries to tell Lucas about the past. He assures her he's moved on.

He rushes out after getting a call about Grace and Kate takes his place. She claims that she's changed her mind once again and now thinks that Chloe is good for her son so she wants her to take the TV job offer.

After Chloe accepts, Kate tells herself that she has set her plan into motion. Daniel asks Sami about Grace's "history" and she admits she knows a few things about her parents.

But when the baby spikes a fever again, he rushes away to help. As E.J. comforts Sami by holding her, Nicole secretly watches.

Stefano eyes them and warns her how Sami is pulling his son back to her but Nicole argues that he's just trying to help her.

Will and Mia arrive and while Mia chats with Nicole, Will approaches his mother who warns that she's going to reveal some secrets about Grace's past. Lucas arrives and Sami confesses that she may have to tell Daniel everything about Grace.

Stefano assures E.J. that Owen won't be a problem. Sami seeks out E.J. and starts to tell him about Grace only to be interrupted by Daniel who has more bad news.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Kate congratulates Philip and Stephanie on their engagement.

Roman interrupts and explains that he agreed to keep an eye on her for her parents' sake and he doesn't think the mansion is a safe place for her.

When he asks her to pack her things and come with him, Stephanie refuses and insists that Philip will protect her.

Nicole warns Mia that if she ever tells Will the truth, he'll end their relationship. She also orders her to stay away from her and Sydney.

Nicole heads to church where she seeks guidance. Stefano overhears her praying aloud and boasts that he knows about Sami's real baby.

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