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Mia is not happy Nicole told the nurse that she is Grace's mother. Nicole calls it an innocent statement to help the baby.

Mia picks up Grace and holds her.

Nicole starts crying when Mia mentions that she has a daughter just like Grace and asks her to put the baby down. Mia refuses so Nicole presses her to do it.

Daniel finds Sami with Rafe and advises them both that they need to be with Grace. The doctor then explains that because of her size, Grace can't take anymore medication.

When Sami enters Grace's room, the nurse orders her to get out because she's not the mother.

As Sami fumes, Daniel arrives and straightens things out. He then somberly tells Sami that she needs to prepare herself for what may happen.

Furious, Sami orders him to get out. Rafe stops him as he enters the hallway and asks if Grace is going to die. The doctor confirms he can do no more to help the baby and asks him to help Sami cope with the fact.

Rafe tries to talk with Sami but she orders him to get out if he thinks Grace is going to die.

Later, she apologizes to Rafe. Will finds Caroline and announces that because there is a problem with Grace, the doctor asked him to bring family members to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Will finds Mia and considers whether he'll be able to say goodbye to his baby sister.

Hearing the latest about Grace from Nicole, Chloe and Lucas head to the hospital where they find her condition has worsened.

Stefano considers telling E.J. the truth about Sydney but then backs off from the idea and urges him instead to spend as much time as he can with her.

Catching him on the phone later, yelling at someone, E.J. guesses that Stefano was dealing with Owen. Stefano won't talk about it and insists that he'll take care of business.

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