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Seeing Philip about to drink the spiked lemonade, Owen manages to knock it out of his hands. But Philip fills another glass!

As the two complain about growing up apart, Max admits he's glad that she's no longer involved with either the DiMera or Kiriakis family.

When she fails to confirm it, he fears that she's in danger again and warns her again to stay away from them.

A relieved Nicole informs E.J. that Dr. Baker has left town.

She notices the portrait is down from the wall and E.J. admits that he cut into the back of it.

He explains what he found there but she urges him to sign the agreement so he can have Stefano back. Instead, he angrily tells her that he has his own plan. She encourages him to believe he will succeed.

Owen calls and tells him about the problem earlier.

E.J. orders him to get the job done.

Stephanie worries when Philip starts to stumble and struggles to stay awake. Victor stops by the warehouse to visit with an ill Stefano and takes great pleasure in telling his rival that E.J. has yet to respond to his offer.

Stefano tries but is too weak to talk.

Victor warns that he doesn't have long to live.

Later, stopping by the Pub to answer questions, he insists to Hope and Bo that he's trying to save lives by what he is doing.

After he leaves, Bo mentions the latest vision he's had featuring Ciara's teddy bear. Melanie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and finds Philip with Stephanie.

Philip boasts that he and Stephanie are engaged.

After he orders Melanie escorted out, Stephanie worries about a dazed Philip and later, she's confronted by a determined Owen.

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