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Arianna accidentally spills hot coffee on Brady. In response, he strips off his shirt.

She offers to "take care of him" and as she does so, he apologizes for being rude to her.

Melanie interrupts and gives him the "OK" sign after meeting his new friend. Arianna's feelings for Brady change once he confirms that he's related to Sami.

However, he also tells her he doesn't get along with her either.

Feeling better after the last insulin shot, Stefano assures Victor that E.J. will bring the signed agreement.

At the docks, Philip doesn't believe him when E.J. claims that he has Stephanie.

After he shows him the cellphone photo of her, E.J. offers to swap Stephanie for his father. Meanwhile, at the morgue, Owen pulls out the drawer to face Stephanie and insists he's not a bad guy.

She asks if he works for the DiMera family but he doesn't answer.

She warns him that the Kiriakis family will kill him once they find out what he's done but he guesses they'll be grateful for keeping her safe.

Claiming her uncle is Chief of Police, Stephanie turns on the charm and tries to befriend her captor.

She suggests they go somewhere else.

Though he refuses, he does get her some water and allows her to sit up.

When E.J. calls, Stephanie kicks him but Owen prevents her from escaping. Melanie considers what to do about Stephanie's earring and eventually sends her a text message about it.

Hearing this, Brady congratulates her on doing the right thing. Having had sex for the first time, Sami and Rafe continue to bask in the afterglow.

When Rafe goes to check on Grace, Sami uses the baby monitor to hear him tell the baby he will take care of her and her mother.

Sami informs Rafe she intends to tell Will they are together now. He announces that he wants to be Grace's father.

Philip advises Victor that E.J. has taken Stephanie and insists that Stefano be released. Victor refuses.

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