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Rafe wants to legally adopt Grace. Sami asks if he's asking to marry her.

Rafe points out that he's not proposing which upsets her.

He wonders why she's so upset when she wouldn't have accepted his proposal anyway.

Sami does decide that she likes the idea of him being Grace's father. As they kiss, Will arrives so Rafe leaves.

Will then asks his mother if Rafe was going to spend the night if he didn't show up.

Sam confirms that they were considering it but won't talk about her sex life with him. Will thinks she is moving too fast with Rafe.

Rafe runs into Arianna at the Pub and she guesses he was with Sami.

He tells her about the adoption plans and adds that they will not be getting married. She responds that Sami is nothing but trouble and warns that "it's happening again."

When Victor refuses to allow Stefano to be released in exchange for Stephanie, Philip vows to do it without his approval.

Victor guesses her kidnapping was an "inside job."

After she knees Owen, Stephanie grabs her ringing cellphone and calls out Philip's name, much to E.J.'s displeasure.

Owen tries to stand but she knocks him back and runs out of the morgue.

Owen chases after her and catches up with her outside. As they struggle, she falls and hits her head, knocking herself out. Owen fears that she is dead. E.J. tries calling Stephanie's phone again.

Nicole senses trouble and manages to get him to admit that he had Stephanie kidnaped after learning that she was engaged to Philip.

After convincing Victor to let him save the woman he loves, Philip calls E.J. and tells him the deal is on.

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