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Victor tells Bo that he sent Philip to New York. Brady denies it.

After Victor calls him a traitor, Bo sends Brady away and then argues with Victor who doesn't want the police involved in any of this.

Upset, Bo admits that he's glad Victor didn't raise him for fear he would have turned out like Philip.

Melanie tells Philip that after finding Stephanie's earring, she only saw Owen nearby. Philip doesn't believe that Owen could be responsible for her disappearance because he's worked for him for so long.

Denying that she had anything to do with her, Melanie gets Philip to question Henderson who reveals Owen left on vacation.

Meanwhile, Owen has grabbed some things from upstairs and slips out unseen after hearing them talking. At the hospital Lexie pleads with an unconscious Stefano to fight to stay alive.

When she confesses that she still loves him, he grabs her hand. After Lexie reports to E.J. that their father is alive but may suffer permanent damage, Bo arrives and arrests E.J. for assaulting Philip.

Nicole wonders if Philip has also been arrested.

Allowed to go in to see Stefano, E.J.'s relieved to see him awake and quietly places the Phoenix ring in Stefano's hand.

Once E.J. is gone, Stefano talks with Nicole about living forever.

Melanie finds information on Owen and shows Philip his father works at a nearby mortuary. There, Owen pulls out the drawer and finds Stephanie has stopped breathing.

He performs CPR and brings her back to life.

She wakes and punches him. He responds by pulling out a gun.

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