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Melanie seeks advice from Brady about romance. He suggests she dump Nathan and Philip. She guesses his relationship with Arianna is behind this.

After she admits that Philip broke her heart, Brady warns that he'll do it again. Melanie then runs into Philip and lies that she's looking for Brady.

Knowing she's lying, Philip asks what she's going to do since he already told her how he feels about her.

E.J. tells Stefano that he has decided not to press charges against Nicole for her deception and lies.

Later, E.J. asks Sami to accompany him to Grace's grave.

There, Sami talks about how the baby affected her during her short life. When he points out he would have liked to have known her, Sami apologizes and hopes that one day, he will forgive her.

Finding Chad at the hospital for the DNA test, Nicole remarks that she thought he might not show after Mia's confession.

Chad states that he doesn't believe that liar and guesses that the DiMera family is advising her. When she boasts that she loves Sydney, he doesn't believe her.

She explains that if he turns out to be her father, she'll want to be part of her life. Chad insists he won't let that happen.

Lexie sees them talking and later warns Chad that Nicole cannot be trusted.

Caroline and Stephanie are impressed when an exhausted Nathan jumps into action and saves her life when a woman collapses.

In front of Brady, Arianna tells Caroline that she's quitting.

Stefano tells Nicole that he thinks E.J. is softening towards her. Later, E.J. runs into Rafe. At the same time Sami announces to Nicole that Rafe is back.

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