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Maggie tries to interfere with Melanie and Nathan's growing relationship. Sami accuses E.J. of not knowing how to love.

Urging him not to blame the baby, she counters that it wasn't Sydney who did this to him. E.J. states that he is not Sydney's father and orders her to get out. Leaving, Sami warns he's going to end up all alone.

Mia tells Will that she thinks Nicole is best for her baby and claims that Chad doesn't know the first thing about raising a child. He decides that Sami might be able to help.

When he takes her to Sami, she admits she knows all about the adoption.

Commenting on Grace and Sydney being born the same day, Sami offers to help. Lexie offers to watch Sydney while Nicole runs out to meet Chad.

But when E.J. finds her with the baby, he rails at Lexie. She claims that Sydney will always be her niece no matter where she ends up.

Later, Lexie has to leave the baby with E.J. who quickly assigns Mary to take care of her while he calls and fails to reach Nicole.

Lexie discovers Victor is in Stefano's room. He claims that he prefers Stefano healthy so they can battle.

As he leaves, he blames Kate for Stefano's condition.

Victor's not pleased when he spites on Brady kissing Arianna. At the docks, Nicole works heard to convince Chad that he can't raise Sydney. He vows to take her to court and win.

Realizing her words of warning didn't work, Nicole flirts with him instead, offering to be a "special" friend.

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