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E.J. hurries to the hospital in time to see his father. Stefano assures them he knows them and who he is. Stefano jokes that he's in the hospital because he wasn't watching his diet.

He asks them to call Kate and have her come to the hospital.

But when he insists that E.J. call Nicole too, Stefano notices something is wrong. Maggie's not pleased to enter the kitchen and find Nathan and Melanie kissing.

She reminds them she expects them to behave themselves. Sensing how upset Melanie is, Nathan assures Maggie she has nothing to worry about because he's moving out.

Finding her at the Java, Kate urges Stephanie to get back together with Philip, calling them the perfect couple.

Stephanie tells her she can't be with the kind of guy he is.

Kate offers an excuse or two on her son's behalf but Philip overhears and orders her to stay out of his life. After eyeing Chloe's medical chart at work, Daniel comes home to another burnt dinner.

Later in bed with Chloe, Daniel's nervous when she talks about having children with him.

She senses something is wrong and gets him to admit that because of the medication she was on, she may not be able to have any children.

Sami brings Nicole to her place and mentions her failed chat with Chad.

She offers to find an attorney for her and invites her to stay with her.

Instead, Nicole cries that she wants to leave the country but needs $50,000 to do it. Sami reveals she has no money but does claim to know where she can get it.

Sami slips out and then returns with the cash.

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