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Kate catches Nicole back at the DiMera mansion and takes her keys. Kate tries to warn Sydney about leaving the country.

Nicole gets her to keep quiet by threatening to seduce one of her sons if she doesn't allow her to leave Salem.

Victor finds Hope packing at home and talks with her about the loss of a child. He invites her to move into his place with Ciara so that she can have time to "sort things out."

Justin is next to visit and after learning about her moving plans, admits that he's decided to stay in Salem for awhile and take a break from Adrienne.

Justin then accompanies Chad to meet Mia who is with Will.

He has assured her that Justin will help her but when Justin realizes both people want him as their lawyer, he explains it's impossible.

He does invite them to sit and talk during a mediation session. Chad and Will end up arguing with each other. Mia states that she wants Sydney to stay with the only parents she has ever known.

After Chad runs off, Justin advises Mia and Will that the court tends to favor the biological parents but that Mia's selling of her baby could hurt her chances.

Later, Chad boasts to Mia and Will that his parents have hired a great attorney. Unaware she's busy having sex with Brady, Victor's upset when he's unable to reach Arianna.

Hearing Sydney is with her mother, Stefano lets slip that her mother is Sami but then covers as E.J. asks what he meant.

E.J. tells his father about Nicole's miscarriage and deception.

Stefano urges him to believe that he is Sydney's father but when he passes out, E.J. wonders if his father knew about Nicole's scheme.

As Nicole is about to take off for Rio with her baby, Stefano calls and demands to see her.

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