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Carly slips off the boat and heads to the Kiriakis mansion. She goes searching for Bo, who interrupts Justin and Hope as he helps her with her boxes.

After Justin exits, Bo complains to Hope about taking Ciara away from him.

He points out he could have helped her with the move and then is astounded to hear they'll be staying with Victor, not Doug and Julie.

Bo reminds her she hated that place, especially since Victor is supposedly involved with criminal activities.

As Nicole tells Stefano on the phone that he no longer tells her what to do, he overhears the announcement about the flight to Rio and laughs.

Her flight suddenly turns around and after the jet lands, she's asked to take her baby and exit the plane. She angrily confronts Stefano in his hospital bed and reveals that E.J. kicked her out.

He claims he only cares about Sydney.

When he threatens her, Nicole issues her own words of warning until Lexie orders her out. Meanwhile, Sami argues with E.J. about Nicole's miscarriage and subsequent deception.

She boasts that Nicole has fled the country to protect her baby from Chad. Finding someone breaking into his darkened house, Bo tackles the intruder and discovers it's Carly.

What happens next? Find out in these Days of Our Lives spoilers!

Days of Our Lives
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