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Nicole warns Stefano that Sydney will not be back in the mansion without her there too. E.J.'s not happy to see Nicole at the hospital.

Kate arrives but when Maxine announces that Stefano needs to sleep, the DiMera patriarch hints that he'll reveal his thoughts about Nicole and Sydney tomorrow.

On the phone with Lucas, Nathan talks with him about moving in to his place. Assuring him that's fine, Lucas admits he'll be out soon.

Melanie comes home in time to hear about Nathan's moving plans. She offers to move instead but eventually allows him to go.

Lucas is next on the phone with Maggie who complains about Nathan and Melanie dating. He asks her to "butt out."

Maggie finds Nathan and Melanie having ice cream together and apologizes. She insists Nathan doesn't have to move but he explains he's leaving anyway but promises to come for Sunday dinner.

Hope brings Ciara to the Kiriakis mansion where she thanks Victor for his hospitality. After she goes upstairs, Victor calls Bo and orders him to get over there and talk to his wife.

Admitting he's tried that already, Bo claims he's busy with something else and hangs up. Confronting Carly about why she was breaking in, Bo demands some answers. Carly finally admits that she killed Lawrence in self-defense and now is running from his men.

Describing how he got sick and then recovered, Carly claims that Lawrence changed and was "evil." Spotting a photo of Ciara, Carly comments on the girl. Hearing Hope moved out, Carly claims it's a good thing which angers Bo.

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