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Bo hides Carly in another room as Maggie stops by. Maggie's curious to hear Hope isn't home. Bo sends her on her way and assures Carly everything will be fine.

Maggie runs into Hope at the Brady Pub and mentions a "house guest" staying with her and Bo. Admitting she's staying at Victor's mansion, Hope hurries home.

Bo lies about an old friend stopping by earlier.

After Hope leaves, Carly decides to return to the boat but Bo insists that she stay. Maxine gets an earful when Stephanie claims that Melanie and Nathan are "an item" but Melanie denies it.

She advises Stephanie that Maggie's not in favor of them dating. Stephanie is curious later when she hears Nathan tell Philip that he's no longer living at Maggie's.

Chad barges into the DiMera mansion, demanding E.J. hand over his baby.

As Chad screams for Nicole to bring Sydney downstairs, E.J. grabs him and warns him not to make demands in his house.

Mia and Will interrupt and Mia urges E.J. not to hand over the baby to Chad. E.J. finally forces Chad to leave but warns Mia and Will that he actually understands Chad and what he's going through, thanks to Sami.

Nicole surprises Sami at her place, returning her money and revealing how Stefano forced her off the jet to Rio.

Sami slips out to confront Stefano. Nicole takes Sydney to the docks where she fears she won't have her baby much longer.

Chad confronts her with a legal document. Sami confronts Stefano and insists that Sydney deserves to be with her mother.

Agreeing, Stefano claims she should be with her birth mother.

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