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Will gives Chad a hard time as he spreads text messages about sleeping with Mia. He also mentions being Sydney's father.

Arianna answers her door to find a dazed Rafe.

He claims that Meredith hit him from behind and held him captive in her parents' basement. She wants to call the police but he stops her because Stefano is involved.

After he explains why he left the boat, she admits that Nicole's secret is out about her miscarriage and buying Mia's baby.

E.J. advises Mia that he is sticking with his decision and walks out. Nicole calls Mia and orders her to the hospital.

Carly worries to Bo that her husband's men will kill her because she killed Lawrence. She explains that her marriage ended years ago but adds that she was "too weak" to leave him.

Vivian Alamaine orders someone to go find Carly.

Stefano assures Nicole that he can "fix" the DNA test to fool Chad so that she and E.J. will stay together.

When Mia arrives, Stefano tells her that he truly cares for Sydney because she is part of the family now. Mentioning the upcoming DNA test, Stefano advises Mia that she's going to have to lie about sleeping with other men to explain why Chad isn't Sydney's father.

Mia doesn't want to do it but after Nicole convinces her this is the only way to save Sydney, Mia meets Chad at the docks. There, she warns him that she's been lying about sleeping only with him.

Mia claims that after he left town, she went to Chicago and partied all night long with a group of guys.

As she continues with her story and insists their night of sex doesn't match up with Sydney's birth, Will arrives. E.J. gets a list of drug dealers from Troy and reads Arianna's name on it.

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