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Nicole reluctantly agrees to go see the nun. She tries to send out a text message but Rafe grabs her phone and stops her. They meet Sister Claire at the convent, who reports that Sister Theresa was called away and may not return.

Pleased, Nicole grabs her phone and walks out.

E.J.'s not pleased when Sami tells him that she's spent time taking care of Sydney after Nicole stopped by and was tired.

Sami also mentions Nicole got into an argument with Rafe and ends up arguing with him about Rafe being a good man.

After covering to E.J. about her day with Rafe, Nicole hears from Stefano that Sister Theresa is gone for good.

Philip forces his way in to see Melanie and apologizes to her for thinking she was behind the motel video. She points out that the video of them having sex has ruined her relationship with Stephanie and with Nathan.

To make things worse, her reputation at the hospital has been ruined. Victor's pleased when Brady admits that he broke up with Arianna.

Bo bashes Justin for helping Hope arrange the paying of the reward money to Dean. Insisting he was just supporting Hope, Justin points out Bo put Ciara's life in danger during the kidnaping.

Bo counters it is against policy to pay ransoms. Victor finds Bo upset and urges him to work this out with Hope, not Justin.

After Ciara whispers to her mother "it is him," Hope tells Dean that she wants to take him to the bank and give him the money there.

But before they can leave the house, Dean pulls a gun on Hope and her daughter.

Justin arrives but Dean forces Hope to send him on his way. Later, Justin barges through the door and tackles Dean.

A fight ensues and a shot rings out.

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