Susan hears from a student that she is under evaluation so she invites her boss, Jessie, over for some wine and take-out. After some confusing signals, Jessie assumes Susan is a lesbian and kisses her. Susan confronts the situation and assures her that she is not a lesbian and realizes all Jessie needs is a friend, and Jessie gives her a good evaluation regardless.

Carlos and Gabby attend Brad’s funeral. The CEO promotes Carlos to Brad’s position as President of the company.

Lynette goes on job interviews and finds out that no one wants to hire older women. Lynette asks Gabby for a job at Carlos’ company as director of marketing but Gabby doesn’t think she would be right for the job. Finally Lynette gets a job with a company that wants to hire an older woman to target the older demographic.

After finding out that Carlos hired his ex, Lucy, to be his number two, Gabby was furious. He invited her over for dinner and Gabby saw that she was fat so didn’t mind after all. Gabby was confused as to why Carlos would sleep with such a fat woman but he tells her that he is not shallow and that Lucy’s personality is what seduced him. After noticing some chemistry between Carlos and Lucy, Gabby tells Carlos to hire Lynette for the director of marketing position (so she could have a secret spy); Gabby tells Lynette she got the job with Carlos, so Lynette tells her they have to match the current offer in order for her to work for them.

Meanwhile,  Edie was digging up dirt on Dave and found out that his wife Lila and his daughter Page were killed in a car crash 3 years ago.   Edie asks David how he feels about having children in order to see his response and he tells her a story of his "friend" that had a little girl that died in a car accident. He says he doesn’t want a child, it’s not worth it.

Dave and Mike are going on a camping trip just the guys because at the last minute Kathy bailed. Dave visits Kathy and tells her he really wants her to come camping with them because it is a chance to get to know her better since she has made such an impact on mike’s life. Kathy agrees to go.

Brie confronts her husband about how he steals things from their friends and forbids him from entering their friend’s homes. After catching him steal again, she takes him to counseling. Orsen says that Brie is angry about his stealing because she cant control it and he admits that he loves that, and that is why he does it.

The episode ends with an article that says it was Mike who was responsible for killing David’s wife and kid in the car crash but was never convicted for it.

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