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Gaby and Angie head to New York this week. They go in search of Danny and Ana and run into Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova there.


  • Lynette and Tom are in for a major surprise when Preston returns from Europe.
  • Mike wants to show Susan what a real man he actually is.
  • Bree realizes a shocking connection to her new employee, Sam.
  • Katherine is confounded over her feelings for Robin.
Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Mike: Did you just say Katherine is a leprechaun?
Susan: Lesbian. Katherine is a lesbian.
Mike: Okay. The first one made more sense.
Susan: Apparently, the other night, Katherine and Robin got a little drunk...
Mike: Hold it. Robin?
Susan: Yeah. She's a leprechaun, too.

Tom: So, Paris, Prague, Madrid... it sounds like you guys saw everything.
Lynette: But you still haven't told us how you two met.
Preston: Well, uh, the first time I saw Irina was on a beach in Nice.
Irina: It was, uh, how you say in english? The... (she gestures)
Tom: T-topless?
Irina: Yes!
Lynette: Oh, you really did see everything.